Control Classroom Devices... ClassConnect is the multi award-winning tablet management software designed specifically for schools. With simple-to-use classroom controls, teachers can monitor and control devices, differentiate learning through customised content and encourage whole class collaboration.


Supervising a classroom of students with tablets is, at best, difficult. ClassView makes this simple by allowing teachers to connect to, monitor and interact with students’ tablets in real time. Quickly monitor progress, provide support for students when they need it and manage student behaviour. ClassView also allows teachers to remotely monitor students’ devices anywhere in the school, making assessment of intervention groups easy.


ClassConnect works with the full range of LearnPad devices to create a truly collaborative classroom. Work produced on tablet devices can be shared with other devices, or sent to the classroom whiteboard to be shared and celebrated with the class. Work can be passed between students to facilitate collaboration on large screen devices such as the LearnPad Folio 2.


With devices being shared in the classroom, delivering age appropriate and differentiated content can be a difficult and time consuming task. ClassConnect simplifies this by allowing teachers to create and deliver custom learning profiles directly to individual students or focused learning groups. Content can be delivered remotely by the teacher, or locally by using the camera to scan QrKeys, making differentiated learning as easy as taking a photo.